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Friday, September 24, 2010

NEW RELEASE FRIDAY: Plus a $2 sale

Happy Friday everyone!!! I hope that you're all ready for some awesome deals in my store today! It's new release Friday and i've got 2 adorable kits for you today. I just love the way these 2 kits turned out. SISTER and BROTHER are just perfect for scrapping all of those special sibling moments. And... they're on sale for only $2 each!!!! That means you can pick up both kits for the price of one. That's awesome!!!!! Included in each kit are 12 patterned papers, 5 solid papers, and over 40 elements in each.

Images are linked.

And while you're in my store have a look around because everything in my store is maked down to $2 or less (except collabs)!!! It's a great time to stock up on all my kits and wordart that you've been itching to get.

I'm so sorry that I don't have a freebie for you today but we had a "little" natural disaster here in Newfoundland this week. Hurricane Igor decided that he wanted to destroy my home and leave me homeless!!! Tuesday morning due to the torrential hurricane rains and wind, we were flooded out of our home. We lost all of our furniture and alot of our posessions. We saved everything we could but we are now officailly homeless. We are temporarily staying in a local hotel while waiting for the roads to be repaired so we can get to my parents. The main bridge was destroyed that links my hometown to the rest of the world. Hopefully that'll be fixed today and we'll get to get out of this hotel. There was so much destruction in my little town and too many people have lost their homes, posessions and in a few cases, they lost their lives. I know how hard it has been on us to be in this situation, but there are so many more who have been devastated by this. Please say a prayer for everyone in Newfoundland who were affected by the storm. Thanks.


  1. How terrible, but thankfully you and your family are safe. Sending many good thoughts your way!

  2. Crystal, I am so sorry to hear about your disaster! Glad you could save some "stuff" but even more glad your family is safe! Will be remembering you and all the others in my prayers.