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Thursday, March 29, 2012


I totally for forgot about posting this here for you all to see! Duh! If you've been following Inspired Designs on Facebook, you'll see that I'm having an amazing giveaway to my Facebook fans! One lucky fan is going to win my whole store! Isn't that awesome! That includes all of my kits, buffet items, wordart... EVERYTHING!!! I'll also be randomly drawing for 5 coupons of $5 each! The only way you get a chance to win is by "liking" the ad on Facebook or by posting a comment. Hurry... You've only got until Friday at midnight to win!

Here is the link to my Facebook Fan Page!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

LUCKY LUCKY ME: New Facebook Exclusive Fan FREEBIE!!!

Are you a fan of Inspired Designs on Facebook yet? If you aren't... What have you been waiting for? lol. You should rush right over to my fan page HERE, Click LIKE and then on the left side of the page you'll see a little blue star that says Exclusive next to it. Click on that, and then you'll get to download my new FREEBIE!!! It's a complete kit with and alpha and it's perfect for scrapping all of your favorite "lucky" moments. Enjoy and thanks for supporting Inspired Designs!

Friday, March 16, 2012


Wow! What a week I've had! Last week, Emma was sick. This week it's been Aiden's turn! I just don't know how much longer this sickness is going to recycle itself through our home. Aiden was feverish 3 nights in a row and I got virtually no sleep. I couldn't wait for the Hubby to come home last night so I could get a good nights rest. And I did! Yay for me and Thanks to my wonderful Hubby!

For any of you who know me, you know how obsessed I am with the rock band Avenged Sevenfold! I love those guys! Especially the lead guitarist, Synyster Gates! I have passed this obsession onto Aiden because he absolutely loves them too and demands that each morning after Emma goes to school we play their songs... LOUD!!! The boy loves to rock and wants to learn how to play guitar just like Synyster Gates. It's so cute watching him rock out and pretend he's playing his arm like a guitar. So cute! He asked me if I could make him a guitar on my 'puter, so that got me thinking that maybe I should make some rock themed kits for boys and girls. So, here are my new releases for this week! THIS CHICK CAN ROCK and THIS DUDE CAN ROCK! Both are on sale this week for only $3.75 each at GingerScraps! ***IMAGES ARE LINKED***

Included in these kits are: 12 textured and patterned papers, 6 solid papers, 1 alpha set, 1 arrow, 1 bow, 3 brads, 3 buttons, 3 flowers or 3 stackers , 3 frames, 4 guitars, 1 id bracelet, 1 journal tag, 1 lightning bolt, 3 ribbons, 1 skull, 1 skull border, 1 splatter, 3 stars, 1 star with banner, 1 set of stitches, 3 studs, 1 wire string (with shadow), 1 word cloud, 5 wordtabs.

I had a little time to get some scrapping done this week so I created a few layouts of my favorite rock stars! The first is of P!nk! Love her so much! The second is of Synyster Gates <3. Love this guy so much!

And because I love you all soooo much, I've got 2 awesome quick page FREEBIES for you this week! I hope you like them! *** IMAGES ARE LINKED***

And as always, here's also the links to your Freebies! Enjoy!

Friday, March 9, 2012


TGIF!!! I am soooo glad this week is coming to an end! I've been feeling so yucky this last few weeks and now Emma is sick and off from school for the day. The poor little thing has a super bad cough and had a fever this morning too. I know that she's really sick when she asks to stay home from school. She never wants to stay home.

So... Let's get down to business! lol. Who was following the MYSTERY DESIGNER contest at GingerScraps? Well... You were shown a sneak peek preview and based on that preview you had to guess who the designer was who created the kit. Make sense? You could guess on the Facebook page, the blog and in the GS Forum. That gave you 3 chances to win the kit for free. I got a few guesses for me but it seems that most of you guessed Connie Prince! Well... If you guessed anyone other than me, you were wrong! I am the MYSTERY DESIGNER! Here is the preview.

And... Here is the fully revealed kit... YOU ARE AWESOME! With a soft color palettes of blues, reds, and greys, this kit is just perfect for scrapping about that awesome boy in your life!

Included in this kit:
12 textured and patterned papers, 10 solids papers, 2 arrows, 1 banner, 1 bear, 1 bookplate, 2 bows, 4 buttons, 1 car, 1 clip, 3 flowers, 2 frames, 2 journal tags, 2 medallions, 3 ribbons, 2 ricrac, 1 spoke, 1 staple, 6 stars, 1 string, 6 wordtabs.

And for one week only... YOU ARE AWESOME is on sale for 40% OFF! That's only $2.99 this week! Hurry on over to my GingerScraps and snag this awesome kit while it's on sale!
How would you like a chance to win YOU ARE AWESOME? Well, make a comment here on the blog or on my Facebook Fan Page and Monday morning I'll randomly choose someone from both the blog and the Fan page to win!

Good Luck!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

THE READING ROMM: Buffet at GingerScraps!!! Plus, a new quick page FREEBIE!

I can't believe that it's March 1st already!!! Where is this winter going? If you live on the East Coast of Canada, you know how strange this winter has been. Not much snow but when we did get some... we got a lot! It usually only lasted a few days before it got warm and rained so we didn't get to enjoy it very much. :( We had planned on going out to my parents several times this winter and going into their cabin for a few nights but with the way the weather has been, we didn't get a chance.

One thing that I am getting a lot of time to do is catch up on my reading! My wonderful and amazing Husband got me a Kobo Vox Color E-Reader for Christmas and I've got to say that it's the best present that he's ever given me. :) I love that I can read my favorite books, surf the net, listen to music, and do just about a million other things with all of the cute apps I've downloaded! BEST PRESENT EVER! As I finish a book, I Pin it to my 2012 Book-list on Pinterest. When I get a whole bunch of them on there, I'm going to scrap some pages about them. :) If you want to check me out on Pinterest, Here I am:

And... I have the perfect kit/collection to use when I start scrapping those pages... THE READING ROOM! It's the March installment of our GingerScraps Buffet and it's jam packed with everything you'll ever need to scrap your reading themed pages. Check out what I have this month! All packs are only $1 each from March 1-5th! *** All images are linked***

Included in this element pack are: 1 bookplate, 1 bookplate paper, 1 set of books (blank), 1 set of books (with titles), 1 bookworm, 2 bows, 3 brads, 4 buttons, 1 e-reader (with print on screen), 1 e-reader (blank), 6 flowers, 2 frames, 2 journal tags, 2 leafs, 1 library card, 1 paperclip, 1 quote (with & without shadow), 4 ribbon, 3 ricrac, 3 stackers, 1 staple, 2 starbursts, 1 stitches, 1 string, 1 swirl, 8 wordtabs.

Included in this pack are 5 speech balloon clusters with words and 5 blank clusters.

Included in this alpha pack are 4 sets of alphas with numbers and some punctuation.

Plus, I have 2 patterned paper packs and 1 solid paper pack. :)

I've had these pictures of the kids reading a book together from 2010 but I just didn't have the right kit to scrap with so... I used READING ROOM to create this layout! Yay! The template is also one of mine from I LOVE TEMPLATES: Template Pack 3. I hope you like it because I've also made it into a quick page FREEBIE for you! Enjoy!

***Image is linked***And as always, here is the link. :)