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Saturday, July 30, 2011


Happy Weekend! I hope that you've all been having a great week. I was sick this week. Darn head cold. I was so miserable. All I wanted to do was lie in bed and rest, but, with 2 active kids, lying in bed is just a dream! lol. I did however get the chance to finish a new kit for you all. I asked my CT for some suggestions for a new kit and my awesome Inspired Designs Diva Leia suggested an amazing color palette of dark reds, oranges and blues. I immediately fell in love! I usually don't work with such dark colors but these just "spoke" to me. A few of my Divas had asked for something with camping/campfire/bonfire elements so I thought this was the perfect chance to sneak those in. Hence, BONFIRE AT TWILIGHT! Don't you just love that name...

Have you ever had a late night bonfire with friends and family? Have you ever roasted marshmallows over a campfire while telling scary stories? Well, BONFIRE AT TWILIGHT may just be the perfect kit for you! Packed full of deep, richly colored patterned and textured papers, with lots of coordinating elements, there's sure to be something just for everyone. Perfect for scrapping those late night pics and preserving those special memories.

You can snag BONFIRE AT TWILIGHT at my SUN store this week for 30% OFF... that's only $2.80 for the kit! Great deal! Click image to go to my store.

Included in this kit:

12 textured and patterned papers, 8 solid papers, 1 alpha set with numbers and some punctuation, 1 bonfire, 1 bow, 1 brad, 5 buttons, 5 flowers, 2 frames, 2 leafs, 1 marshmallows on a stick, 4 ribbon, 2 ricrac, 1 staple, 4 journal tags (lines), 4 journal tags (without lines), 3 stars, 1 string, 1 tent, 10 wordtabs, 2 blank wordtabs.

It always amazes me how many different layouts can be created by my CT using the same kit! My Divas rock!!! Check out the awesomeness they have this week!

Here's a layout that I created of my kids at a bonfire last fall. I hope you like it because I made it as as quick page for ya! Enjoy!

Click image to download!

And as always, here's the link:

Friday, July 8, 2011

THE GOOD LIFE... Freebie

WOW!!! What a busy week that was! I spent so much time outside with the kids this week so we could all enjoy the beautiful weather we're finally getting. It's so nice to see the sunshine. :) I've been working on some new kits this week too. I've got several on the go right now so it's just a matter of finishing them all off. My creative juices have been flowing in small spurts this week so as inspiration strikes me, I work on them. I can't wait to get them done for you. I've been working on some new wordart packs too. Hopefully i'll have those for you next week. But this week...

Are you living THE GOOD LIFE? Do you cherish your memories and the simple things in life? Have you been looking for just the right kit to help you preserve and scrap those moments? Well, THE GOOD LIFE is just that kit. It's packed full of brightly colored papers and elements that are sure to help you preserve your special memories.

Included in this kit:

22 textured and patterned papers, 5 solid papers, 1 alpha set with lowercase, numbers and some punctuation, 3 bows, 5 buttons, 4 flower swirls, 5 frames, 1 heart, 3 journal tags, 4 ribbons,
1 ribbon hanger, 2 ricrac, 5 rosebuds, 1 staple, 1 string, 5 arrow tags, and 9 wordtags.

It's on sale at my SUN Store this week for 30% off!!!

So, to help get your creative mojo working... check out these awesome layouts from my ct! :)

I've been asked so many times if I like to scrap with my own kits. Well, the answer is really quite simple... YES!!! I always try to scrap a few layouts with each kit that I create. Here are 2 that I finished up yesterday. The first featured pictures of my kids playing by the ocean last fall. The second features pics of the Hubby, the kids, my step-son and fiancee, and my sweetie little grandbaby, Madeline or as we call her, Maddy! She's a sweetie!

I hope that liked the layouts that I did because, the quick page FREEBIE that I've got for you this week is layout #2!!! :) ! I really like the brightness of this one! The white really seems to make the elements and picture cluster POP!

And as always... here's the link. Enjoy!

Friday, July 1, 2011


Hi! I hope you've all been well! I just wanted to start off with sending a little shout out to all of my fellow Canadians... yesterday was Canada Day... Happy Canada Day! I set up a little post with my well wishes for the holiday but, for some reason, it didn't post. And, to all my American neighbors, friends and fans... in a few more days... Happy Independence Day! I hope everyone enjoys a safe and happy holiday!

I've been busy this week trying to finish up a couple of cute little kits for you all... RAINY DAY ADVENTURES! I hope you like these kits... I've done both the girly pink version and the boyish blue version. Here's a little bit about them both...

Have you ever taken a walk in the rain? Or watched a rainbow full of color magically appear after the rain has finally stopped? These kits are just perfect for scrapping and preserving those amazing moments. One with a bright color palette of pinks, yellows, creams and browns, the next with blues, yellows, creams and browns, plus lots of adorable elements, i'm sure these kits are fast to become favorites.

Included in both kits:

10 textured and patterned papers, 7 solids,
1 alpha set with numbers and some punctuation, 1 bookplate, 1 boot, 1 bow, 3 brads, 3 buttons, 1 bow, 2 ducks, 2 flowers, 3 frames, 1 knot, 1 rainbow, 1 raincoat, 1 rain hat, 2 ribbon, 2 ricrac,
1 staple, 2 strings, 1 sun, 1 umbrella, 8 wordtabs, 1 blank wordtab.

Check out the previews. I've also created coordinating wordart packs for both! All images are linked.

My awesome CT has created a few layouts for your inspiration this week. :) You may see a few of my own layouts mixed in there too.

Here's a cute little layout that I did of Emma playing in the rain.

I've got a cute little quick page FREEBIE for you all today! I thought it was so cute when I created it as a layout, I just had to share! I used the boots wordart on my layout though. Enjoy!

Here's the link...